Monday, October 31, 2011

Nanowrimo Bound!

I've been running around with my head chopped off for the last few weeks and as such, my writing blog has suffered quite a bit. I'm also in the process of moving my book blog to Wordpress (which is an unbelievable task in itself) Blogger and I are parting ways and I do hope that you come and check it over there: Ren The Writer

I'll have to adjust the link to Puppy Boy as well (the button to your right) so you can go to my new site.
Its taking me some time to navigate Wordpress so please forgive the errors and stuff :)

Also, are any of you partaking in Nanowrimo this year?
For those of you that are unaware of it, November is  National Novel Writing Month.

It is 30 days of non-stop madness, of trying to churn out 50k words for the very first draft of a novel. There are no set guidelines as to what you write about as long you DO write.

This will be the my fourth year doing it. I bombed out the first year (going to Vegas didn't help) but won the last two years. You're not in competition with anyone but yourself, so don't worry on that end.

At the end of it all, you can glow with smug satisfaction that you're done, that you have survived and that you are looking at your very first manuscript.

Nanowrimo brings out your hidden Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Jim Butcher or JR Ward, just to name a few. Your imagination will explode and you will find yourself either writing about Space Rabbits conquering new planets or the rise of a new race of Reptilian Zombies, who knows.

There's still time to sign up for it. It starts at midnight, November 1st.  and ends on November 30 11:59. This is where I'll be for the most part and you can buddy me. It helps when the suffering is shared, lol.

Click on the link below and join. You know you want to :)

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