Wednesday, July 18, 2012

His Love - 3WW

Droplets of early morning dew kissed the fragile strands of her daily ritual. Day after day, I'd watch intently as she created her masterpieces. I admired her fervor, her attention to the finest of details. 

Sunlight, warm and fragrant, also witnessed her labor from above. I used to be jealous of its intrusion and never wanted to share her but no longer.

I realize now we were always alone, this weaver and I. 
Our journey together would end soon and she would move on to another, her memory of my devotion fading before the day was over.

I loved yet hated her for it. 

Though she hadn't yet begun to touch me, the hot, sticky feel of her rising hunger pumped a ribbon of terror through my veins. As if she sensed my hidden turbulence, the shade of my death paused as I lay in a frustrated tangle.

Several eyes, fathomless pools of obsidian, caressed me gently while she asked.
"Are you comfortable?"

Relieved to know she still cared that much for me, I began to weep.
"Very much so."

She leaned in close, the breath of her whisper thrilling me one last time.
"Then let us begin." 

Her beautiful smile was the last thing I remembered...

© Copyright 2012 by Ren Thompson July 18, 2012

3Word Wednesday: Feel, Shade, Tangle

Monday, July 16, 2012


I was dressed and waiting for my taxi to arrive. Michael had left already. His private limousine had been on standby and, as I watched from the window, he'd been whisked away without a backward glance. He didn't ask me if I needed a lift, not that I would've accepted.

It was an understanding between us, when we embarked on this affair; a weekend of  pure bliss, uninterrupted by our everyday lives. I wasn't available, not in the way he deserved so I treasured each second I had with him. Once the moment of his imminent departure arrived, we shared a final kiss and then he would leave, the memory of his lingering scent the only thing I had to hold me until our next tryst. 

The clouds had moved in sometime during the afternoon, chasing the sun away. Now the gentle patter of rain followed by fingers of water, streaked the windows like mournful tears. 

I sighed, feeling the weight of my solitude. 
Rainfall was not meant to be endured alone.

I straightened up when the familiar yellow vehicle came into view. I hurried to the door, checked my purse for everything and grabbed my tote. The ride down the elevator was quick, unlike when I first arrived. It seemed like it couldn't move fast enough.

When I reached the lobby, I nodded to the concierge before stepping through the revolving glass doors. The doorman on the other side immediately held an umbrella over my head as he escorted me to the waiting taxi-cab.

Once I'd thanked him and climbed in, the door was shut behind me. I adjusted my cape, and smoothed a careful hand over my up-do. The cab driver maneuvered his way into traffic, his eyes meeting mine for brief second.

We didn't speak for the entire trip for which I was thankful. The swish-thud of the windshield wipers, the shhhh of tires against the wet asphalt and the occasional beeping horn of an irritated driver broke the silence. 

When the taxi pulled up in front of train station and parked, I reached for the door handle. I never had to pay as my lover took care of my expenses for me. He promised to take care of me always and I took him at his word.

I paused when the cab driver suddenly turned to lean an arm along the back of the front seats. His warm brown eyes, lightly creased in the corners, held a gentle smile and I blinked against the sudden stinging of my own.

When it came, the familiar rumble of his voice engulfed me in a warm, safe hug.
"Don't make the same mistake I did, sweetheart."

I averted my gaze, feeling the blush of guilt climbing my face. I tried to keep the defensive tone out of my voice but failed miserably.
"What would you have me do, then?"

My father sighed and looked out of the side windows. When he held out his hand, I reached to entwine my fingers with his. A thumb rubbed against my knuckles while he considered what advice to give me. I waited with my heart in my throat. 

Daddy sighed again and lifted my hand to kiss my fingertips.
 "If you love him, don't keep him waiting."

All I could do was nod, as a single tear slipped down my cheek.

© Copyright 2012 by Ren Thompson July 16, 2012