Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer - Thursday Tales

It was Summer.
We stood here together, you and I.
We used to plot and plan many of escapades.
You and I

So many years ago, we wanted to find out if there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

We ran away from home in the middle of the night and made it just to the corner before Mr. Benson caught us. He took you home first. I didn’t see you for the rest of the week.
I was grounded for the next two.

When we were twelve, we shared our first kiss.
You and I

When we were fifteen, we stopped talking when I noticed Angie-what’s-her-name. That was the four longest months of my life.
I brought you pink roses for your sixteenth birthday.

You wore a blue dress with so many ruffles for our prom. I borrowed my dad’s tux and his car. Do you remember that night?
I’ll never forget it.
Then came College.
Then separation.
Then I married someone that reminded me of you so long ago.
So many years go by.
So much sorrow
No children or grandchildren to kiss goodnight
She passed away and I will forever mourn that loss.  
I still have regrets of our own separation.

I see a young woman now. She looks similar to you. She comes and spends time with me, reading from your favorite book, Little Women. I took that from your room the last time I was there, remember?
It was Summer.

So long ago

I can’t speak to her.
I can only look upon her soft features and remember you as you were. 
Just before she leaves, she asks if I need anything. All I can do is blink.  She smiles tenderly then leaves me to my thoughts.
I wonder sometimes, if you think of me.
And when we use to stand together, plotting our next escape.

© copyright 2011 by Ren Thompson April 7, 2011
Thursday Tales


  1. what a story! wow! fabulous.

    its hard to imagine that such a beautiful story can originate from a prompt.


  2. wow the best story so far on the Tales Train...wonderful fabulous..!!!

    thanks for joining the tales train..!!

    see you next thursday..!!!

  3. Hi Ren,

    I just found your sight, after linking from one of your 'Tuesday Teaser' posts.

    I have yet to discover what the 'Tales Train' is, but that is my next mission.

    Just had to say that I loved your poem/story. Together with that so poignant image, I was really moved.

    Thank you